30 Day Gamer Challenge

1. What was the first game you ever played?

-Tetris (Original GameBoy)

2. PC or console?

-Console  - And if I had to choose present day, PS3.

3. Do you prefer the single player campaign or multiplayer?

-Single player. I have never a) Gotten along with people. b) Felt COMFORTABLE playing with other people. c) Wanted to play with other people. I’m a hardcore loner, and I’d like to keep it that way.

4. Do you prefer to own a physical copy of a game disc or are you happy with direct downloads?

-Physical Copy. What if my account gets hacked? What if I don’t want that account anymore? What if I want physical proof that I spent my money on something? 

5. Are you more likely to buy a game on console because of achievements/trophies?

-Nope. Unless they come out with a game titled ‘5000 trophies just for starting a new game”. Then of course I’m down.

6. What was the best preorder gift you ever received?

-Probably the Okamiden Stylus Cloth set. 

7. What is your favorite genre?

-First Person Shooters. 

8. What is your least favourite genre?


9. Regarding MMO’s: Do you prefer the P2P, B2P or F2P system? Explain your answer.

-F2P. I will never pay monthly for a game. I’m sorry but $15 x 12 = $180. $180 for a GAME? It better be GOTY encased in Gold, with a box set soundtrack that will clean my apartment. 

10. What is your opinion on micro transactions?

-I’ll admit it. I’ve paid real world money for digital items. All companies need to eat. Granted, they eat better than I do, but that’s just technicalities. 

11. Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo? (Please consider entire span of company’s career)

-I can honestly say all three of them bring something different to the table for me. No favorite here. 

12. Who is your favourite publisher?

-Rockstar > Konami > Gearbox. 

13. What is the longest time you’ve spent playing one game? (must be in a continuous, single sitting)

-6 to 8 hours. 

14. Your most memorable gaming moment?

-It’s a bad one, but boy is it memorable. I had just gotten Undead Nightmare (RDR) for the XBOX 360. So stoked. Played 6 hours. XBOX360 RROD. Fine. I’m not the one to replay ANYTHING. My attention span? That of a rodent. 6 months later. I decide to suck it up and get the game again. But this time, on the PS3. Play 6 hours. YLOD (Yellow Light of Death for those not too familiar with PS3 fails). SAME game. Crashes TWO systems within 6 months. Uck. 

15. Who is your favourite video game character and why?

-Solid Snake. 

16. Name a critically acclaimed game you could never understand the hype about.

-Portal. :x

17. Would you consider people who only play casual games to be ‘gamers’?

-Like Wii Tennis? No. 

18. When given the choice, will you choose a predesigned character (with minimal tweaking) or start from scratch on your own?

-Scratch. That bitch may look derp when I’m done, but at least it looks like me. …Sort of. 

19. Are graphics important to you? Will you still play the old 8-bit classics if the gameplay is engaging enough?

-I’ll play Pokemon and Mario for the rest of my life. But anything else, forget it. 

20. In your opinion, what is a highly underrated game?


21. Which, if any, handheld systems do you play?

-Nintendo DSI XL, some PSP on occasion. 

22. Do you consider motion controls to be a gimmick or are they a step forward for the industry?

-Trying to make us American’s less fat. It’s not working. D:

23. How do you feel about Collectors Editions for games?

-It depends. If it has good loot, it’s a winner. But GOOD loot. 

24. Are games art?

-Absolutely. The only thing anyone ever sees is the finished, digital product. No one ever sees the concept artist slaving away under a lamp with his #2 pencil. 

25. What are your thoughts on games which are movie tie-ins?

-They’re horrible. They’re always horrible. Just stop. Let’s look at DOOM the Movie, shall we? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT. 

26. What is your opinion on Digital Rights Management? (DRM)

-ARRRRG. Us Pirates will always find a way. 

27. How do you respond to the claims that console gaming is ‘dead’ with the rise of mobile games?

-I love my console over phone games. Though, I should have no say in this. I own a Windows 7 phone which has NO games. Thus I don’t play games on my phone. BUT, I am familiar with the iPhone market, I had an iPod Touch once and played the shit out of it, BUT, the battery dies too damn easy. So again, console. 

28. Which game were you looking forward to that turned out to be a major disappointment?

-I really can’t say I’ve been hyped up for anything that’s let me down. Ask me this again when Borderlands 2 comes out. :x

29. What are your top 5 all time favourite games?

-Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid, Borderlands, Dragon Age, Pokemon Silver. 

30. Name the top 3 games you’re looking forward to playing.

-Borderlands 2, Black Ops 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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New Dead Island Co-Op Trailer

There’s really only one thing I have to say about this…

Oh and the fact that how I found out about this, some ass in the Gaming tags posted a link to the trailer, which ended up being a site with a Trojan or some shit. (I’m looking at you, mofobian!) Don’t worry, my compy’s safe. Anywho, this soon-to-be amazing FPS/RPG set in Post-Apocalyptic Zombiefest is due 9.9.2011!





If somehow…. This could be transformed into a High Res wallpaper…… Can you just imagine it? ……<start>orgasm[dead]</end>





If somehow…. This could be transformed into a High Res wallpaper…… Can you just imagine it? ……<start>orgasm[dead]</end>