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Why Can’t Pokeballs Hold Humans? - Part II: Future Technology


Continued from Part I: Introduction

I think the creators of Pokemon seriously overlooked things when they came up with this idea. 

Why would you use pokeballs to hold/store pokemon, when they have so much more potential?

So how does this “pokeball” thing work, anyway? You throw the pokeball at a pokemon, and the pokemon is trapped inside to either be carried by the Trainer, or to be stored in a computer that can be accessed at your local PokeCenter. 

Imagine, if you will.

I have a friend, Joe, who wants to visit Paris. I happen to have a Pokeball on hand. I throw my Pokeball at Joe, and he is placed in my computer. Our friend Rosalie is in Paris, and takes him out of the computer, into her Pokeball, and then releases him. Joe is now in Paris. Transportation —> Simplified.

My friend Luna just got attacked by a camel in the Sahara Desert. I watch as this traumatic event occurs. No hospital for MILES, and she needs help immediately. I dig into my bag and find a Heal Ball. I throw the Heal Ball at her, and she returns to full health. Quick Medical Assistance —>Simplified. I imagine this could cure cancer.

Mr. Fluffles, my kitten, is all lonely at home while I’m at work. What if I could bring him with me, everywhere? Sure, he’s temporarily stored in a ball to be transported… But he can roam free in the office, or enjoy his little box in the computer, an environment that makes him happy! (Note to self, what do Pokemon do in the computer anyway?) Animal Abuse/Loneliness —>Simplified.

Tune in next time for Part III - Dangers.